Israel’s Right to Strength

As division and radical intersectionality plagues communities here and in the US, we have become more concerned about our right to narcissistically guilt ourselves rather than our right to stand strong and free. Free from the murderous and the scheming, and proud of the work we continue to accomplish, by the will of God. The goal of every caring Jew is to defend and establish justice for our people, and the slave is one who accepts life without these things.

The non-zionist, as well as the uninitiated Jew, may ask “Why? Why do we prefer the hard and long route?” “Wouldn’t it be easier to stay in New York, get drunk on Smith street, and sleep with goya?” My answer is to open your eyes to how weak this indulgence has made us. Even in fortune, modern Jewry is a joke to the rest of humanity. Respect is neither given nor expected. We have become so weak and reliant on money and technology, that we don’t even know what we’re fighting, or if we are fighting at all.

Almost a billion people live in countries where they are proud to call themselves anti-Semites, most of whom live on the borders of Israel. They exploit every opportunity to export their hate both at home, abroad, and on the internet. It should be reasonable, then, to expect that these states and organizations will continue to exploit every opportunity to oppose us. On college campuses, it has become normal, natural even, to question Israel’s existence. In European academia, it is already expected that Zionists, and every argument for Zionism, be denied voice. For those old enough to see the writing on the wall, Nazism started in academia before reaching popularity in the 1930’s.

But I assure my readers, the argument for Zionism has never been stronger. The many accomplishments of our Jewish state are not harbingers of a failed ideology. Neither does worldwide condemnation speak for the character of the nations; but to be shamed is to resign ourselves to obscurity.

Yet, obscurity is exactly what the nations(and some Jews) have in mind. See how they live only for the present, that the future is forgotten. The subject of the holocaust done to us, was not against our bodies but against our minds. As radical groups and nation’s leaderships plot against the state, it should be worth noting if they would not take the time destroy our synagogues and our books, because books aren’t burned for their lack of value, but are the only things that have preserved our culture over the centuries; and without our culture, we are neither Jews nor people in their eyes.

By the same thought, who are these European politicians to tell us what is or isn’t our best interest? Who is John Kerry to decide the terms of our affairs? Who is the UN, of which many countries still legalize slavery, to determine justice in Israel, often to Israel’s expense? Who is the Qatari state media, Al-Jazeera, to lecture us on the difference between anti-semitism and anti-zionism?  Are we not Jews?

Yet, when we defend ourselves day-in and day-out, American liberals want to threaten us over US aid, while they dictate our own laws to our own detriment. Decency calls that they trust a democratic nation to determine the best way to use money, as opposed to the millions that go to African despots to execute their own citizens to keep the mineral trade. Aid is fortune, but Israel should neither risk its own citizens nor its national identity to accept it. With rise of university radicals in the US, Israel needs to prepare for the worst. It is a fundamental necessity to keep good US-Israel relations, but Israel should not risk its own existence to do it.

Indeed, in any international relationship, let it be known that Israel is the country surrounded by five hostile countries. Israel’s existence must be put first in any relationship. It is with reluctance(and correct, in my opinion) that many Israeli politicians pursue an “Israel First” policy, much in the same way the right wing parties of the west pursue a “Britain First” or “America First” policies. Thought this is merely a national debate in the US; being surrounded by enemies, Israel has little choice in the matter.

Let it be known, that each Jew has a duty to the other, and it is the plight of the Zionist to always defend Israel from all threats existential. Strength is essential, and prosperity is our objective. Some may erroneously see this as idealistic, impossible even, but we have always been driven to be an ideal people.  Let no one balk at the odds and be discouraged, it is our right to pursue the impossible, and our duty to attain it.



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