Between Netanyahu and Sisi: Only the Arabs are Against Peace.

We just witnessed an historic moment in Israeli-Egyptian relations, but if you were Arab, you may have never known about it. On one hand, they’re perfectly justified, Israel is a small nation of little significance, there is a lot going on in the world, and understandably, it’s easy to miss when there are so many problems in the Muslim world…

Who am I kidding? Islamic governments and their associated news media hate Israel to its core and all positive news from them must be buried to maintain an image of strength for their Arab readership. Everyone who has bothered to read an article from Al Jazeera knows that nothing good will ever be reported about Israel. So imagine my astonishment when, after Egypt renewed its commitment the Middle East peace process, Iran’s PressTV just didn’t report it…but somehow found time to report the opening of a new permanent US military base in Israel.

Reactions in social media sources were a lot more energetic, with many calling the meeting “shameful”. It’s funny when so many claim to want peace, but bar their leaders from pursuing peace together.

To be fair, the meeting accomplished little in terms of policy and was nothing more than a diplomatic shaking of hands between the heads of state. However, not since Anwar Sadat’s peace treaty has Israel-Egypt relations been so high, and with it, signifies greater stability in the region. Let us hope this continues in the future, and maybe the general Arab public can come to accept their fellow Israelis.

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