Response: No, Terrorism Won’t Bring Peace.

Anyone with a brain knows what to expect from these left-wing college peace groups that spring up from time to time. Even while I manage this website, I rarely pay attention to them because they’re meaningless at best, and merely annoying at worst. What I do pay attention to, however, are new lines of arguments suddenly being repeated in both the media and the public; and when I see an established agency lazily repeating such nonsense, I know it’s time to call them out.

Today’s subject is FMEP, or Foundation of Middle East Peace.  If the name isn’t enough, you know 90% of their stances from reading their about page. A group that calls for a balanced approached towards Israel-Palestine conflict are, typically, as unbalanced as they get. FMEP though, has proven itself to be unreasonably unique in this area.

Not long ago, congress advanced a bill to make the Palestinian Authority stop funding terrorists or they will lose US security aid. To anyone with common sense, this is perfectly reasonable. Why give money to an organization, who hates the US for one, and who sanctions and actively encourages terrorism, specifically terrorism against our own ally?

Well, the FMEP has other ideas:

According to Palestinian sources (I wonder how reliable those are?), Israel has arrested 40 percent of the male Palestinian population since 1967. This is in addition to Palestinians killed while attacking, or accused of attacking, Israeli targets.

Most Israelis sees these men as terrorists; most Palestinians view them as martyrs and political prisoners. This is the brutal, zero-sum ethos of national struggle—something that will change only after the conflict ends. In the meantime, given this rate of arrests, funding for families of those killed or imprisoned by Israel represents a critical social safety net (Free money, and they get a commissary in prison; gee, I wonder why they’re committing so much violence?). Removing it would amount to collective punishment, illegal under international law and viewed by most of the world as immoral. (Encouraging your people to go to jail or they get no social benefits ISN’T considered collective punishment?)

Foundation for Middle East Peace? More like Foundation for Middle East Terrorism.

Only a truly blind organization could illustrate perfectly the problem of the Palestinian policies, and then use that as rationale in favor of said policies. It’s almost so stupid, I don’t even know what to say, guys. I would have to write an entire book to explain why this entire article is wrong and entirely bad for both peace and American interests.

And I have to say it’s stupid. I truly don’t want to believe that it is their intent to harm Israel or Israeli lives, but that’s the only way it makes any sense. What other reason is there to argue against this bill? I can understand giving aid to Palestinians, but do they truly think it’s worth continuing a policy of murder and violence to do it?

‘Peace’ at any cost, even if they must pay terrorists apparently.

Before I conclude, however, I must make an example of this ridiculousness. Lets look at an overlooked and intriguing detail that really exposes this anti-Israel logic for what it is, the title of the article itself: “Cutting Off Payments to Palestinian Families Won’t Stop Terrorism”. Notice how they had to invent an absurd conclusion themselves, and argue against it. A sly logical fallacy not noticeable by laymen. Was there anyone who seriously suggested that cutting payments would stop terrorism outright? Was it ever a question that Hamas would continue their violence at any cost? All the conflict and social problems between Israelis and Palestinians, and someone, somewhere, was selling this bill as a way to make Jews and Arabs come together and sing Kumbaya. No, to the contrary, it’s because the PA has failed to rein in Hamas and Arab terrorist groups, that we can no longer finance them in good faith.

But that’s the argument they have to create to make the Israelis look like the bad guys, no matter how many terrorists Fatah creates. That’s the absurdity they have to invent to favor continuing violence against Israelis.

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