Supporting Kurdistan is Moral Politics

Thanks to Al Jazeera, Israelis are expected to hate Arabs for their faith, and social justice warriors will bemoan the inability of Israel to enact any progressive policies in favor of the ‘Arab rebels’. The plight of the Kurdish people, however, present an opportunity to align Zionism with social liberal interests, while accomplishing permanent foreign policy goals. No, I don’t expect the UC-Irvine student body to suddenly sing praises to the Jewish state. However, it deeply undermines progressives if they have to argue against actual progress to remain consistent in their opposition to Zionism. That’s only a secondary benefit though(and one I happily bask in).

Regardless of what I may take away from it, there is one overarching reason why the Kurds should be supported; it’s simply the right thing to do. The Kurdish people have been seeking a state for as long as the Tibetans, and yet, they have only been assured empty promises since the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire. Their legal arguments are as strong as Israel’s prior to 1948; and though their culture is unique, their liberal-democratic mindset is shared with their Israeli kin. Most of all, they are open to Israel and are friends of the west. By every measure, they are deserving of the right of self-determination.

This is why the current Israeli government did the wise, and moral, thing by endorsing an independent Kurdish state. Israel is the only country to officially do so, and I would say it’s about time. It should be a point of note that they are one group most deserving of a state in the modern Middle East, and only now has any country voiced full support of them. Politically speaking, Israel has also gained a very trustworthy ally in the region; during the referendum, Kurds were reported to shout “we are the second Israel” among crowds as they rushed to the polls. It is for these reasons that I will be updating the site soon, with links to Kurdish charities for those wishing to express support.

I would hold back on calling this a precursor of a future trend, but no doubt this is a breakthrough in foreign policy and will play a critical role in the future of the region.

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