IAEA: Iran Deal Flawed

I apologize for the title not being more clickbaity, I’m just completely unsurprised by the fact that a terrible deal would actually be…well…terrible.

Did anyone truly think the deal was going to work? Other than the corrupt politicians under the Obama administration, the only people who expected the Iran deal to work were also the same people who thought the Ayatollah farted magical pixie dust.

The Iran deal was never about ending nuclear their nuclear program, it was about giving Obama a symbolic diplomatic victory without doing any of the real work necessary to secure American interests.

So when the head of the IAEA points out the obvious, is there anyone with a sane mind who considers it a revelation? The passage of the JCPOA was debated in the public sphere for months, with every conservative and pro-Israel authority warning about its critical weaknesses, and mass media deliberately buries news of its flaws while leaving liberal viewers dumbfounded that their President could have done anything wrong.

So the next time a liberal asks you why you don’t support the Iran deal, ask him why, specifically, does he support keeping vital nuclear programs from IAEA inspectors, under section T; and if they think that’s truly the best way to prevent nuclear proliferation.

On that note, that’s the most that can really be said about such terrible diplomacy without rehashing old arguments. A special shout-out, however, must be given to Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-New York), in the face of strong opposition inside his own party, he not only voted against the Iran deal, he has also, more recently, demanded moving the Israel embassy to Jerusalem. Many conservative viewers here strongly disagree with Sens. Schumer, but he has consistently supported the Jewish State over his own political interests. He may be a liberal, and I may disagree with everything he says, but good actions must be recognized and applauded.

I’m sure it’s hard to stand up for something when pressured by opposition within your own group, but as long as he continues to support Israel, he has a place of support here from all of us. If there is anything we, as a pro-Israel community, can do to make his job easier on this issue, we are ready.


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