Kabuki for Diplomats (UN Report)

Those that can’t do, teach; and those that can’t teach, become diplomats. No really, there are so many lame jokes about the UN because it, itself, is a lame joke. We have to hand it to these UN ambassadors though, they are specifically trained to juggle hot potatoes long enough to become cold issues. With all the money in the world and nothing to show for it, the UN is the most expensive podium in history, existing only for heads of states to air grievances against each other. They are even kind enough to televise it, sometimes.

With over 40 Muslim states members of an institution founded on taking money from the west, was it ever a question that it would turn into a platform for Israel-bashing? The weak European nations are more than happy to let the Arab members steamroll the agenda, as long as it makes them look “humanitarian”. The situation Israel currently faces on UN councils could have been seen from a mile away.

Which is why, with all the recent news coming from UNESCO, it is absolutely pathetic that Israel(and US) waited so long to finally leave, and I wonder if Israel has finally realized that it actually pays 11 million dollars a year just to give Arab nationalists a platform. Is there anyone in the Knesset that seriously thinks that staying in the UN is a good idea? Do Americans still feel comfortable financing 22% of the UN’s operations?

That’s my whine for the day.

There was an election inside UNESCO with a seemingly surprising result, but unfortunately, it’s hard to cut through the propaganda. The media likes to make it a game and keep us in suspense about what is, or could be, happening; when actions now may have been decided years ago, with UN procedures being merely ceremonial. So you never really know what is “unusual” and what has been planned all along.

But I digress. If it seems the UN has an obsession against Israel, that’s because it does. Since the beginning of last year, we have seen:

  1. A UN-appointed investigator ignore documented human rights violations and terrorism by PA, Hamas
  2. UNESCO deny any Jewish historical ties to Jerusalem.
  3. Single out Israel as world’s only violator of health rights…Just saying, I don’t see many healthy people in Arab countries.
  4. Also, the only violator of women’s rights
  5. And the only violator of labor rights, according to the ILO.
  6. Created a database to blacklist worldwide companies that do business in Israel
  7. …and much more! The UN adopted a total of 20 resolutions against Israel, and only 6 for the rest of the world combined

In the past 2 years, we have objectively seen more hostility from the UN than at any other point in history, with no signs of ever getting better; and as influence from Middle Eastern nations grows, so too, the diplomatic situation will only get worse. Contrary to Jay Sekulow, I am hesitant to attribute any of this to BDS, because while it is true they have made gains culturally and academically, there is no evidence that they have had any effect on resolutions from the UN, and by all measure, Arab countries would have pursued the same policies anyways. BDS may have even hurt their own cause for this year.

At what point is the cost of being lambasted every year internationally greater than the good of helping our own Jews and citizens of Israel? Is it really worth the $11 million in fees, that could be spent on defense projects, or even funding other humanitarian projects without the UN?

But still, in regards to UNESCO, they just recently elected Jewish candidate and former French Culture Minister, Audrey Azoulay, as their Director-General in a cliffhanger defeat to the Qatari candidate, and known anti-semite, Hamad Al-Kawari. This is probably the only real silver lining this year, but it is doubtful that this signals any real change in tone toward Israel. While other Jewish advocacy groups were more positive in this development, I do not share their enthusiasm. She was only elected in a very narrow vote, which means 28 member states still proudly voted for unapologetic antisemitism. She has also stated that she grew up in a typical, left-wing French household, so I’m not waiting for any sudden pro-Israel shifts in attitude.

Even the company blacklist, according to legal scholars, will carry no legal consequence of any kind; and without US backing, the UN has never had the power to enforce any resolutions upon Israel, nor any other country. At the end of the day, even with a new UNESCO director, it’s all just kabuki theatre; but a theatre is an excellent platform to spread antisemitism. Jews must quickly unite to counter this at a worldwide scale.

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