The Palestinians are Not a Problem

Throughout any conversation about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the question is inevitably asked, “what about the Palestinians?”. I take issue with this question. Anyone asking this is assuming, or deliberately implying, that the Palestinians are a problem, and that Israel should do something for them. Both of these implications are false out of principle.

Now before I go further, we must separate ‘Palestinians’ from their incompetent Palestinian leadership, which is neither leadership nor Palestinian, and is merely one of many functioning arms for Arab interests in the region. They have been directly financed by Arab nations since their founding, and, along with their sister organization the PLO, have Arab nationalism written into their charter.

The consequences of this is that the Palestinian people suffer as a result. They have a long history of putting their hatred of Israel ahead of their people’s interest, which is a phenomenon repeated abroad with BDS and various Palestinian groups. When Yasser Arafat, for example, sided with Iraq in the 1990 Iraq War, 200,000 Palestinians were promptly expelled from Kuwait thereafter. BDS, for there part, have succeeded in making boycott popular against Israeli companies, who also happened to be the largest employers of Palestinian workers. Palestinian politics has only been a constant series of shooting themselves in the foot, and blaming Israel.

Hamas, of course, is the greatest sinner in this category. They are adherents to, what I call, Arab Nazism, and have no ethical qualms with killing their own Gazans to maintain power and promote violence against Israeli civilians, while they accuse Israel of human rights violations.

With documented abuses, it boggles my mind that any humanitarian aid organization takes the PA seriously; while they receive millions in aid, the Palestinian Authority uses the money, not to feed their people, but provide benefits to terrorists and their families. The Palestinian people are largely poor, and with this economic incentive, we wonder why there is no peace?

But there is another factor here that is largely ignored. There are roughly 2 million Arab-Israelis that live, and practice their faith, peacefully inside of Israel. They are full citizens and serve in the IDF, and have representation in the Knesset. Although there are still social problems to deal with, as in any country, they are slowly assimilating, with a majority now calling themselves Israeli, despite all the attempts by Arab nationalists to divide them.

So no, the Palestinian people are not problems to begin with, and so there is no “solution” needed. The problem is the Palestinian leadership, who would light the entire region aflame if they knew they would be kings of the ashes. By every measure, Israel has done more for the Palestinians than their own leadership. People ask if settlements are a barrier to peace, but the only barriers to peace I see is Hamas and Fatah, for which the only solution is their total surrender.

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