Want Peace? Build More Settlements

When was the last time an Israeli strapped a bomb to his chest and suicide bombed a crowded market in Judea? When was the last time an Israeli politician spoke of drowning every Arab child in the sea, to cheers and applause? Do Israeli schools even teach heroism and zeal against vast numbers and long odds, anymore? With the exception of the ZOA, every Israeli organization has taken a critical view of settlements in the West Bank, while Arabs do not cease advocating violence on Jews who would live there.

The more I think about it, the fact that so many Arabs prefer violence against Jews makes the position of many peace organizations ludicrously unjustifiable. The current Palestinian generation grew up under UN school curricula that stress article nine, of the Palestinian National Charter, which demands the liberation of Palestine only through armed conflict. If one is to support the Palestinian leadership, I assume one is to endorse their political philosophy as well. Even on a social level, there is more violence both against Israelis and among Arabs themselves; yet, crime rates in Israel are consistently lower than in surrounding Arab countries, Egypt, Jordan, and Syria. At no level then, does aligning with Palestinian nationalism support the aim of peace in the Middle East.  Still, countless campus groups vocally sympathize with the Palestinian Authority and their calls for liberation, while proclaiming “peace” in the same breath. Syria is swallowed by civil war, but “if only Israel ceased to exist, there would be peace”. This logic is reminiscent of Hitler’s Mein Kampf, which claimed to promote economic prosperity, while demanding the destruction of the “Jewish” upper class….or rather, the Jewish class specifically.

Only in the upside down world of the leftist can one side with terrorism and Islamic theocracy, and then claim to promote human rights. No; I am a true peacemaker, for I envision a Middle East with neither terror nor hate; where a Jew can live in any part of the Holy Land and thrive without fear. Yet, Jewish Voice for Peace would never endorse such good fortunes for their fellow Israelis, which makes me question what exactly they’re using their voice for. Just a few decades ago, it would be Israeli organizations that would advocate peace because it was the entire Arab world that was trying to do with the sea what the Nazis did with fire. So excuse my skepticism when these liberal European college groups preach peace, but hate the only country in the region that has never had ISIS organize inside it.

Which brings us to my argument; if you truly desire peace, there is no other option than to support the expansion of Israeli settlements. Wherever there are settlements, there are good schools, hospitals, modern agriculture, and a justice system that is superior to all other nations in the immediate region. Within these settlements, Palestinians find better amenities and economic opportunities that they could not find under the PA. The Israeli state is the only place in the Middle East that has a stable political system and a growing economy, as well as a strong currency reflecting its future strength. Every man with a mind will soundly reject the idea that Eretz Israel should take the form of a 3rd world Arab nation. Rather, Middle Eastern countries should do more to look like Israel, and there is no better evidence for this than the thriving Israeli settlements.

It is unfortunate then, to hear politicians repeat the same media mantra: “Israeli settlements are a barrier to peace”. It is only Israel that sincerely wants peace to begin with, to the point of bending over backwards to every Palestinian demand. Israel gave up the land gained in the 1967 war, with only assurances of peace, and yet, Jewish families still can’t even go back to their homes in Yemen, Morocco, or Iraq. It is certainly the dream of every old Persian Sephardi to be able to travel to Baghdad from Jerusalem without fear of incident. As long as it is Hamas and the PA that stands diametrically opposed to this dream, then they are partners in hate, not peace. Just as Haman was hung by his own gallows for his hate, so too should Hamas pay the price for their hate against the Jewish people.

It is my conclusion that, as long as the Palestinian cause remains erroneously popular in human rights orgs, no Jew on the left would have the chutzpah to publicly endorse settlements. A barrier to peace, I doubt, but a barrier to future career prospects, absolutely. No peace activist who stands against his fellow Israeli is truly a peace activist, but rather, a useful tool for Iran. If any one of you are to meet any such human rights activists, ask them what the PA should give up in the name of promulgating peace, and if the answer is nothing, then you have found the real warmonger.

If this article teaches you anything, then let it be this: beware of those who eagerly talk of peace, because there is nothing moral about peace in the Middle East if they have to butcher Jews to attain it.

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