An Open Letter Response to Tzipi Hotovely

Dear Tzipi Hotovely,

What were you thinking? Why do you think it acceptable to antagonize 50% of world Jewry? Sure, 58% of US Reform Jews marry outside the religion and half of them aren’t even halachically Jewish to begin with, but how dare you question our commitment? We send money every month to support Israel and various charities therein. Yea, most of them are charities promoting social justice, but in a democratic country where Jew and Muslim can practice freely, and no one is getting executed for homosexuality, social justice is exactly what your nation needs!

Where do you get the idea that we aren’t sending our children to enlist in the IDF? Pity the thought! True, there is no obligation for us to join the military, but our volunteer rates are larger than any other demographic, second only to every other religious sect inside and outside the US. How could you ever come to this conclusion? So what if more Reform Jews join BDS than join the IDF, we are just as patriotic as you, Mrs. Hotovely! Yea, we look at our Arab terrorists bravely in the eye, and then give them a right scolding!

Your remarks are so appalling! We send all this money to you and demand nothing but peace in return. Peace in which Iran has nuclear capabilities and an armed Palestinian state exists inside Israel’s borders. If it wasn’t for such patriotic and Zionist organizations like Jstreet, Israel might actually win wars against Hamas, and that’s no way to bring peace, is it? Ok, maybe it’s not the wisest idea to let Iran have nuclear power, but you don’t want to insult Obama, do you? Without the Iran deal, they would certainly continue to threaten Israel. C’mon Tzipi, who do you think actually had your best interest in mind, Obama or Netanyahu?

We, American Jews, implore you, Mrs. Hotovely, to resign from your position in the Israeli Cabinet and from the Knesset. We have done everything we can to aid Israel from the comfort of our crimson university halls. What have you done, Mrs. Hotovely, for Israel? You only served in Sherut Leumi and received two degress from Bar-Ilan. Do you seriously think you know more than my little Benny who leads the LGBT-BDS student group at Syracuse University? My reform temple absolutely implores you, Tzipi Hotovely, to explore American-Jewish culture by watching a video tape of our temple feminists voting Democrat, during Shabbat this Sunday at Temple Bethel. Maybe you and your supporters will gain a new appreciation for everything we do for your state.


The Jewish 99%, and Occupy Flatbush


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