A Clear Victory for Israel at the Table

Upending past US foreign policy, President Donald Trump officially endorses Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. My question; what in the hell took so long?

I rejoice with my right wing friends, and I am critical of western policies as well. Every story of Jewish heroism begins by telling western governments “We don’t care what you think”. Thank Hashem for this attitude, Jerusalem has been the seat of all branches of government since 1950, and was always the de facto capital in practice. Recognition is merely a formality, finally fulfilled by President Trump.

We have confirmation that the IDF will be deployed, and the Palestinians have certainly raised credible threats of violence. Ironically, though predictably, peacekeepers are aligning themselves with the only side threatening violence to begin with: the Arabs. Grade A peacekeeping right there, no?

The recognition of Jerusalem is an asteroid into the diplomatic efforts of the Arabs, and it couldn’t have come at a worse time for them. Saudi Arabia is embroiled in a bloody war and about to start another in Lebanon, Iran is in a similar situation, and Syria is in disarray. There was simply no better time for this to occur. Abbas is screaming murder from the rooftops, and no one is there to hear. This, my friends, is what victory is about.

I must especially note, with surprise, the support of Senator Chuck Schumer. We have received confirmation from The Hill that the Senator had lobbied the President to declare Jerusalem as Israel’s undivided capital. It is not the first time he has done well for US-Israeli relations, and his support for Israel continues to be a position he is consistent on. It is only regrettable that it is such a surprise for someone from his party, and that we no longer expect any advocacy from the Democrat party. Still, this is legitimate. Thank you, Senator Schumer.

The Prime Minister, as expected, is playing this well. A link to his response here. As usual, this is the gold standard in Israeli diplomacy. It is my suggestion then, that the Israeli government pushes this as far as it can go, and do not let this go to waste. As predicted, the Palestinians are threatening war and preparing for further conflict, regardless of Saudi support. The Palestinians may have lost here, but they are still winning the diplomatic war abroad. Israel must build on top of this and make sure the Arabs never, ever, forget what happens when they oppose the Jewish state. Israel will fight in all arenas, militarily, diplomatically, and economically, and win in holy victory. Until they bury their weapons with their rage, they will not have any portion on Jewish land. This victory, a political defeat for the Palestinians and their Iranian supporters, is merely a drop compared to the full strength of the Jewish people; and Israel should make that fact clear to them should they ever act on their threats of intifada.

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