In the Middle East, Weakness Invites Aggression

The leftist peace lobbies, together with their religious counterpart, Union for Reform Judaism, have again proven that they are not aligned with the interests of Israel. For again, their leaders oppose President Trump and his decision to recognize Jerusalem, which happens to be reflective of overall American-Jewish opinions. I’ve written about this divide extensively already, but with everything that’s been going on, I feel it is worth mentioning again. The reason is that it needs to be made clear why, amid the scandals in the administration, Netanyahu, and not the left wing of the diaspora, continues to speak for Israel.

It should be well known by now, that I hold much of the American left in contempt, in as much as they hold every Israeli and Arab with an honest opinion in contempt. Israel understands why we live there, and everyone understands that the Arabs want the land for themselves. For them, there is no difference between Jaffa and Ramallah, it all belongs to them, and what incentive is there to just let the Jews have any of it? The conflict has been going on for a hundred years, why should they give up now? The Arabs are doing everything possible, militarily and diplomatically, to destroy Israel; and the only people ignorant of this fact are the American left who think our malls owe their peace to wordy agreements, and not to the armed security guards catching terrorists every week.

I should briefly correct myself…who says they are ignorant? The American left who, when it was a question of civil rights, broke the law in Selma, AL, but were not willing to do any protest when it was a question of Jews dying in Europe. Where was the American liberal, when Israel’s right to exist was called into question by eight attacking Arab nations. Were these left-wing organizations marching by the thousands in 1973? Yet, anytime there is a fragile agreement, or a UN resolution, it’s the left that claims all the credit for promoting peace. Yes, to the American left, there is injustice everywhere…except the Jews.

Why don’t we try accomplishing peace in another way, by being stronger than our enemies, rather than kneecapping our own efforts?

It is a certainly an uncomfortable fact, for the American liberal, to think that peace-through-strength exists, but in no other area in the world is this concept more justified than in the Middle East. It is a region of desert, dictatorships, and Islamist ideology. Many have tried reform, and many have failed, to be eventually replaced by Nasserist and Wahabist regimes.  Yet, their contempt for the Arabs is that. Despite posing a very real threat to the Jewish state, the American liberal assumes that peace is the only thing in the minds of Arab leadership, when it has only been war that has allowed them to maintain power in their own countries. Why then, after surrendering Sinai and Gaza in 1982, did anyone expect peace? They found a weakness, so they have every reason to expect further victory, until President Trump turned the tables on them.

And still, the American left, feels nothing but shame when Prime Minister Netanyahu declares victory online from his office in Jerusalem, the capital of Israel.

Since I’ve created a new Facebook page, as well as Twitter(you can follow me by clicking on the top right of the homepage!), I’ve seen many people argue against Muslims, and anti-Semites posing as peace activists. Some useful advice for every Jew confronted with such people, you must argue them the same way you fight them, take everything you can and do not yield an inch. Certainly a debate tactic, that the left has failed in executing for decades.

Look forward for my next article: ‘Can Israel be Jewish and Democratic?’. Yep, I’m going to ruffle some more feathers.


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