Who Says Israel can’t be Jewish and Democratic?

Long have I heard the whines of leftists who have trapped themselves in a box of their own making. A box conveniently titled the “Democratic Two-state Solution”. I’m sure many of you have heard the notion that Israel, to remain a Jewish state, must either accept smaller land with indefensible borders, or sacrifice liberal democracy, all to keep Palestinians from having voting power. Both scenarios, for any proud Jew, is simply intolerable. Such contemplation is not reflective of reality, nor is it suitable to the proud Jew.

Sadly, it’s not just liberals that fall into this trap, but even conservatives, including Rabbi Meir Kahane, who would too often let this false dichotomy slide. Rabbi Kahane would, as a point of concession, argue for the merits of a religious state; which is fine for him, but it confirms to the left that they are correct on this point. Why give up the one issue that gives us superiority in the western forum, if we don’t have to?

It’s time to put an end to such nonsense. Is it any accident that the most eager proponents of such ideas are from the usual lukewarm peace-groups, as if they have any concern for Jewish interests? Why, after 70 years, do they continue to question the merits of our government, when they have already established their bias against the Jewish state, to the exception of every other unstable Islamic nation?

It is ironic to include the subject of stability. Between Israel and the six surrounding nations(including the PA), Israel is not just the only democracy, it’s also the most stable country in the region. While every country was caught in a sudden Arab spring, Israel had an election in which Netanyahu won without protest. Living under constant conflict, Israel has every reason to not be democratic; and assume emergency powers as most warring nations do. Yet, democracy exists in a purer form than in the US, save for the Palestinian Authority, of which, we congratulate Mahmoud Abbas for serving his 13th year in a four-year term as President.

How preposterous is it then, to suggest that Israel must sacrifice its military position, and therefore endanger its Jewish citizens, by giving away land to a Palestinian state that has not the slightest hint of democracy within it? The quasi-dictatorship of the PA has emerged to absolutely no protest, and Abbas continues to chase statehood, financed only by the same radicals in Qatar who have brought Islamic nationalism everywhere else.  The Arabs neither care for, nor want, democracy. They want the entire land of Israel under Islam, and in 1967, were ready to surrender themselves to Nasser’s dictatorship to accomplish that.

Which leads to the fundamental flaw in this mental trap. By what measure is it Israel’s responsibility to grant democracy to the Arabs, to begin with? From Morocco to Saudi Arabia, the Sunnis have not founded a single democracy, and have a history of subverting democratic nations like the Maronite Lebanon of old. To this day, Palestinians do not march for universal suffrage, but for the subjugation of the Jews. How then, is it in Israel’s interest to give them democracy, when they have no ethical qualm with giving it up to another Arab dictator?

I must be sharp with my fellow Jews. This idea by itself is ludicrous. Israeli democracy is the most obvious trump-card in any political debate, yet even the most conservative of Jews cede it every time. The most powerful country in the world has tried to bring democracy to the Arabs, which was met with screaming protests of the very same people suggesting Israel should do the same, and it was called the Iraq War of 2003. It was wrong then, and it is wrong now. It is blatant perversion to think that it is evil for the US to spread democracy, and yet think it’s Israel’s responsibility to do so.

As I’ve stated before, I don’t care what form the Jewish state takes, I’ll be supporting it regardless, but how weak do we have to be to cede the single point of separation from Arab nationalists? How is it we willingly let Muslim activists use our liberal democracy as a hammer against us in the public forum? Should we feel guilty for having a liberal democratic state? No. It is absurdity to think that Jews owe democracy to a population that has voted it away every time. It is equally irresponsible for Israel to sacrifice itself for the benefit of Arabs who would never do they same for us.

I feel proud just to have a state. Baruh Hashem, God will deal with the government as he desires. Let us worry more about defending it against violent Arabs and slanderous activists. We can worry about the government, when Jewish citizens are secure enough to worry about such.  In the meantime, it is not in the interest of Israel to either grant democracy or surrender land, for peace does not exist in either of those decisions, but only war and violence.

In short, we’re Jews, native to eretz Israel, and we can have any government we wish. We owe the Arabs nothing, and if they want democracy, then they can earn it themselves. In the meantime, let their reputation be smeared for their barbaric politics, not Israel’s.



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