Argue for Strength, not Weakness

I am not a fan of contemporary hasbara. Common hasbara argues from a position of weakness; that Israel is morally justified in actions against the PA and the Arabs, by declaring itself the misunderstood victims of terrorism. Nearly all of hasbara functions as a self-fulfilling prophecy, whose syntax is stated as “we are the victims, therefore, we are the victims”. A child could spot the fallacy there. This propaganda is useless from the outset for the Palestinians, and doubly self-destructive for Israel.

Intended to strengthen diplomacy, it has harmed Israel’s interests rather than helped. Internationally, it lowers Israel’s reputation. Domestically, Israelis have long bought in to it, and cannot see the trap they have laid for themselves. No one has given it a second thought what kind of message this sends to the world.  Tell me, my fellow hasbarists, how would you view someone who wins three fights, greases his hair, and then cries “I’m a victim?”. This attitude not only makes Israel look ridiculous in the eyes of the world, it disarms the Israeli people of their greatest asset against the Arab nations, strength.

We are not victims, but victors, miraculous victors. Between the nations and hasbara, is there anyone who allows us to be proud? Proud of our heritage, our heroes, and our will to succeed? Even in success, are we to be ashamed of all our accomplishments? Just a week ago, a US officer killed an unarmed man who was begging for his life, where is the UN to urge the boycott of American companies?

If you consider your nation weak, then why shouldn’t the rest of the world treat it as so? This is the problem with hasbara. While it has the success of virtue signaling in the US, it’s an invitation to the rest of the world to take advantage. Just think it through in the western mindset: how does a country brag about its own successes, its technology, and its history, and then call itself a victim? It’s a fallacious, and self-defeating argument, for self-defeating propaganda. Even worse, Israel actually buys into it. With their heads down low, ministers of state succumb to wherever the winds of politics blow them. This is what passes for leadership in the Jewish world?

Israel has fought three wars against the Arab league, one of those times, without any backing from the west; yet, won each time. Today, every Arab nation finds itself in disarray and disunited. Even Arab diplomacy is meager in comparison to Israeli talent. Still, while the Jewish state stands as a technological wonder, all diplomatic efforts can be outwitted by some kid with a simple camera. At least be fair to the Arabs, the only reason they’re able to do this is because we’re the one trying to argue how weak our country is. We’re the country were an entire division of men is dispersed by a single Palestinian armed with a rock. Again, what signal does this send to the world? What signal does this send to the Arabs?

It’s time to change the argument. It’s time to advocate from a position of strength, because we are stronger and more united than our enemies. Israel fought and won its war of independence, and is under no obligation to any other nation or people, much less the UN. We owe the Arabs no excuses for anything; Israel is a sovereign nation and independent of any other, and no country should have to fight a war every generation to keep it that way. Let them beg us for peace, not the other way around.

Israel is strong, not weak, so act like it.

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