Jewish Rights to Eretz (Part 2)

By Mollie Halpern

It is on the land of the indigenous people where the coalescence of language, culture, spirituality brought them together as people. For the Native American their land is where they became, Dakota, Cherokee, Sioux, Tlingit, Haida and 500 other tribes. The Navajo share linguistics with Alaska’s Athabaskan tribe, but they belong in the southwest of the United States for their language fully formed as well as their spiritual connection to this region.

The Martinez-Cobo report for the UN states, “… with social traditions and means of expression that are linked to the country of our ancestors, with a language of our own, and having certain essential and unique characteristics which confer upon us the strong conviction of belonging to a people…” Jews having people consistently live in their homeland for millennia, praying toward Jerusalem, calling out to Israel in the holiest prayer, continuing to learn and pray in Hebrew, given Hebrew names, and fighting cultural genocide, meet the criteria of Indigenous People.

Palestinian Arabs speak Arabic. The Muslims have prayed toward Mecca the majority of their doctoral history. The rest are Christians or Druze. Even if their families were once Jewish, they have converted away from the ethno-religious identity. Indigenous People have been oppressed and distinguish themselves from their oppressors. The family names of the Palestinian Arabs can be traced to a variety of regions: Ridwan– ethnic Bosnian; Tunqan – northern Arabia and Jordan; Zaydani – Saudi Arabia; Abu Ghoshes and Tarajmeh – came from Europe with the Crusaders and some from Arabian Peninsula; Barghoutis – Arabian Peninsula; Dogmush – Turkey; Jarrar – Jordan; Khalid – Arabian Peninsula; Khazens – Lebanon; Najajreh and Al Yamanis – Yemen; Anatreh – Syria; Masarwa and Al Masri– Egypt; Jabaris and Zoabis – Iraq; Hashlamon and Kafisha from Kurdistan. These are just some, yet they have tried to convince the public they are indigenous. The Palestinian Arabs don’t distinguish themselves from the people who came to the region for the economic boom, from the ones who had family there for centuries, or from Arabs in other countries. Indigenous status begins in the place where your culture, language, traditions and spirituality begin. For them this means Arabia.

Palestinian Arabs now claim to be descended from Canaanites. According to the report they still don’t fit the criteria of an indigenous people, for lack of any oppressed original culture and language. They have lost any connection to those people and their land. It is a form of identity theft. People born out of wanting to destroy Israel and the indigenous people once again. They now claim Jews originally came from other regions before reaching their homeland. It doesn’t matter where the original people who eventually were called Jews came from; they came together as a people in Israel. We do not ask the Native American to go back to Asia since they crossed the Bering Strait to get to their lands. They came together as a People in what is now the Americas.

Al-Aqsa Mosque is sitting on the land where the Holy Temples of Jerusalem once stood. In India the Muslims destroyed the Hindu temple considered the birthplace of Lord Rama, and erected Barbri Mosque. The oppression hasn’t stopped. In Israel the Palestinian Arabs now claim Hebron, a name that means place of Hebrews. They claim Jerusalem even though they turned their backs on Jerusalem when the Jews would not convert, and Mecca was cleared of all idols. Delegitimization of Israel by its invaders is an affront to moral turpitude when to the victor goes the spoils, and the rewriting of history.

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