Why I Didn’t Publicize the Iranian Protests

Some of you have asked for my thoughts on the recent, and now pacified, Iranian protests. If you noticed, I did not cover them the entire time. There was a reason for this. Had I given them any publicity, I would have risked getting reader’s hopes up over, what we now know, to be a failure. While it may have been good for web traffic, it would have done little for my credibility.

The Iranian regime were likely to win from the start. The protesters were doomed to fail, and had they been successful, there was no guarantee the new government would be any less anti-Israel than the former. As far as Israel was concerned, there was no point in writing about this. In a country whose populace has an antisemitism rate of 56%, no revolution would ever be open to working with the same Jewish state they chant ‘death’ to. I have not forgotten that it was the “will of the Iranian people” that the shah be overthrown to begin with. As of this moment, I see no undercurrent of pro-Zionism opinion among the Iranian people. If it is not the intention of the Iranians to stand with us, then I see no reason to stand with them.

To the extent that there were mass protests, the result may have worked in Israel’s favor. The ayatollah is a religious hardliner, who stirs controversy abroad. Even those who do not like Israel, are not at all pro-Iran for this reason. It is much easier for us to rally the world against an Islamic dictator like the Ayatollah, than against a new, presumably liberal government, who present themselves as moderate reformers.  Yet, would be equally as likely to finance Hezbollah.

The people of Iran can have any government they wish. Whether it’s democratic, theocratic, or despotic, that decision is entirely up to them. Government overthrows have rarely been in Israel’s favor, nor have they been entirely relevant to the fortunes of the Jewish people. As long as they support us, I can support their decisions. Unfortunately, they show no signs of relinquishing their hatred.

Now that this short-lived rebellion is over, it did provide something useful and eye-opening. The Iranian protests against the theocratic dictatorship were a mirror to the west. Every liberal media talking head, from Cenk Uygur to Joy Reid, said that the US should simply stay out of it; that foreign intervention is the plague. This is rich coming from the same side that supported Hillary Clinton. Getting in other countries’ affairs has been the entirety of the Democrat party. Where were these same talking heads when the question was Libya or Syria?

Indeed, the left-wing boycotts and divests from the only liberal democracy in the middle east; yet, when given the option between supporting a liberal revolution, or an Islamist dictator, western liberals gave tacit support to the latter. If anything, this proves the left has no real philosophical base, and are so careless as to be too dangerous to ever hold power in the west. The protests shined a brief mirror into the soul of the left, and it was collectively short-sighted and antisemitic. Should America fall, it will not be by the swing of a scimitar, but by the smiles of a liberal elite.


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