A Piece for Survivors

What is charity? Some would say it’s a gift, but this implies it’s only optional. As someone who has been through all manner of schooling, charity is more than a voluntary act of kindness, but a mitzvah. A mitzvah is obligatory, and all have a responsibility to fulfill it. We owe it to ourselves then, as individuals, to aid others in times of need. So today, I would like to focus on the Met Council’s Holocaust Survivor Program, who have a long and proven record helping survivors and their families

Before I go further, I would like to say that this site, Judea Pride, is meant for both news and political commentary, especially as it relates to Israel and the Middle East. This site’s mission is to create political dialogue and serve a function benefiting the public as a whole, who reads this site. All content is used for this purpose, and this article is no different. It is in the public interest then, and certainly in the Jewish interest, to reflect on our survivors amid the recent challenges we have seen in the world today.

The Met Council serves New York City, and provides impoverished Jews throughout the area with much needed care and assistance. A friend of mine, from kibbutz, once asked me “who stands for the poor Jew?” well, the Met Council gave me the answer. They remind us that, no matter where we go in life, we owe a duty to our fellow man, and none more significant than our fathers and grandfathers who survived the Holocaust. It is with exceeding honor then, that I do my part to raise awareness for their good work.

I encourage then, for the readership community to donate, or volunteer, to this program. We’ve had good readership, and a good community on here and on Twitter. Many of us wouldn’t be here without survivors in our families, and for them, we should always take the time to both remember and to repair.

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