Open Letter to Kanye West

Dear Kanye,

Allow me to introduce myself. I am only a second rate writer, and an even worse basketball player. My highest claim to fame is travelling a lot which, I think, is an accomplishment, as it opened up my mind to the lives and welfare of others. As I already know, you have your own opinions, which I respect. If you happen to be unfortunate enough to read my other work, my opinions will likely sound ridiculous to you. But, you know, that’s okay. What’s more human than having crazy ideas?

Let me say that, as an aspiring artist myself, it’s not fair how you’ve been treated. Now, I’m not a fan of rap or hip hop…I don’t even think I have ever listened to any of your music before; so it should mean something to you when I say this, but it was absolutely despicable what they did to you. You must not let the failures of other people take away from who you are. I know I’m not the standard, big-name Hollywood figure you hang out with, but I write to you from the heart. I am barely an artist myself, and like you, I’ve seen people use my amateur work to push messages online that I had nothing to do with, although not nearly as major as what you’ve had to witness.

I am but a poor writer, who has no other value than honesty. So I say, among independent people, your are the most independent. Among liberated peoples, you have proven to be the most liberated. Every time I heard about your antics from tabloids, for years I would always write you off, and again, you would prove me wrong over and over. I never agreed with anything you said or did, yet, all I could do was gain more respect and admiration for you.

In fact, you’ve proven me wrong so much, there is nothing I want to convince you of, other than one thing; whatever you decide to return to politics, or stay in music, I want you to stay true to your heart. You have to know yourself, and be yourself, 100% of the time. This is actually a very hard thing to do, because we humans keep getting caught up in envy and greed, and try to act like other people for fame and money, and forget about those we harm in the process.

You, however, have actually been real all this time. I wish you would stay in politics, but no matter that. Whether you know or not, you have succeeded in giving the world what a needed most. You gave us an understanding of independent thought; to break all boxes society puts on us to think and behave this way, or that way. Yea, a lot of people were pissed with you, but how many actually started rethinking themselves, because of you? Politicians and media are too busy treating us as statistics, and you proved that you’re not just a statistic in some polling booth.

You literally did the impossible. You took the boring, black-and-white world of politics, and splashed some color on it, and changed people’s lives, no matter the criticisms. Even better, you’ve been doing it for years, and only now did I gain any appreciation for it.

So, all I can say is, do what you got to do. I’m sorry people took advantage of you, and obviously, they were in the wrong. It’s too easy for people to do that, especially with the media. But I don’t want that to stop you. You’re too good for that. Do what you have to do, and screw what some manipulative asshole does. People who care about you, people who truly believe in you, will know the difference.

Everything you do, and every decision you make, has to be true to your heart. I don’t know if you’ll read this, but I hope you do. If someone like me can appreciate you, how much more the millions who listen to your music?


Simon Amar


P.S. You know what? I feel so bad for how you were treated, I’ll give you a gift. I work professionally as a psychotherapist(when I’m not writing). I give you all my time and services for free. Anytime you want to talk, heart-to-heart just contact me, either on here or on twitter. Don’t worry about a thing, I’ll make time for you instantly.





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