Profiles in Antisemitism

Listed Antisemites:

Public Figures
Anna Baltzer Linda Sarsour Omar Barghouti
Rashid Khalidi Steven Salaita

Tel Aviv University Kantor Report on Global Antisemitism: PDF

Right now, I’m keeping a running list of high-profile antisemitic activists in a text table, As the list grows further and further, an HTML table will no longer be suitable, and I will need to list them as a single database on this page. This will require that I update the site with a better wordpress subscription, which will allow me to manage my own php database within the page. If you support me in my efforts to combat modern antisemitism and support the Jewish state of Israel, you can donate on my Patreon.

I created this project with the purpose of fighting antisemitism. I intend to document every high-profile case of antisemitism and track individual public figures with one easy click. As of this moment, only a few are listed; but the list will grow over time as I gather all my information together and release it piecemeal, starting with the organizers of BDS and other university campaigns.

By the Numbers:

The US has seen a 34% increase in Anti-Semitic incidents in 2016

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UK antisemitic incidents increase by 20% year over year.


Jews are the majority of victims of religious hate crime