Anna Baltzer

Name: Anna Baltzer
Legal: Anna J. Piller
Age: 38

Website:, (more information needed)

Published: Witness in Palestine
Alma Mater: Columbia University
Activities: Speaker, Palestinian Activist, ISM (International Solidarity Movement)
Associate Organizations: SJP, BDS
Personal Information: @Anna_Baltzer (Twitter)

Controversy: Incited riots in Ferguson, MO, after a BDS training session in San Diego assured them that the shooting of Michael Brown would be tied to Israel. Lied about being a Fulbright scholar. Claims to be related to Jewish holocaust survivors. She has worked with Rasmeah Odeh, a convicted terrorist, to produce propaganda for BDS and against the IDF. Encourages intifada and suicide bombings.

Other Controversies: 911 Truther

Quotes: Baltzar speaks out for Rasmea Odeh, a Palestinian-Arab terrorist who murdered two students in a 1969 bombing. Baltzer calls Odeh a “Palestinian Hero.”

“We need to wipe out Israel.” (BDS Cookbook, In Their Own Words.)

Sources: CameraAlgemeiner, Israel National News, Counter-Jihad Report

Other Documentation: Anna-Baltzer.pdf