Steven Salaita

Name: Steven Salaita

Age: 42 (Born September 15, 1975)

Career: Currently Unknown

Previously: Professor, Edward Said Chair of American Studies of the American University of Beirut. University of Illinois(Revoked), Virginia Tech, University of Wisconsin-Whitaker

Alma Mater: Radford University, University of Oklahoma
Activities: Academic, Writer, Palestinian Activist, Pro-Hamas, Anti-American
Associate Organizations: BDS, SJP, MESA, US Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel
Private Information: @stevesalaita (Twitter), steven.salaita (Facebook)

Controversy: He proclaims Hamas to be a “compelling social movement”, despite calling for the genocide of the Jewish people in its charter. Publicly praised Hamas’ kidnapping of Israeli teenagers, and advocates antisemitism and calls on the destruction of the only Jewish state. Supports BDS and Electronic Intifada

Other Controversies: Previously embroiled in controversy at Virginia Tech when he wrote an article explaining his refusal to endorse the slogan “support the troops”.


Sources: Algemeiner, AAUP, TabletMag, IHENew York Times

Other Documentation: Steven-Salaita.pdf